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Crenshaw County Profile

Crenshaw County Profile


Crenshaw County bears the name of Andrew Crenshaw, a distinguished South Carolinian who settled in neighboring Butler County in the early 1800s.  The county was created by act of the state general assembly on November 24, 1866.  The county seat of Luverne, with a 1996 population of 2,469,
is the county's largest city.  Other incorporated places are Brantley, Dozier, Glenwood, Petrey, and Rutledge.

Crenshaw County is not part of a metropolitan area.  Its 1996 population of 13,514 ranked 61st in the state.

The largest industries in 1995 were wholesale trade, 14.5 percent of earnings; services, 13.8 percent; and nondurable goods manufacturing, 12.6 percent.  Of the industries that accounted for at least 5 percent of earnings in 1995, the fastest growing was transportation and public utilities (5.8 percent of earnings in 1995), which increased 28.6 percent. 

Sources:  Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce.  Foscue, Virginia O., Place Names in Alabama, The University of Alabama Press, 1989.

Graves, John Temple, ed.,  The Book of Alabama and the South,  Protective Life Insurance Co., Birmingham, 1933.  U.S. Bureau of the Census, Estimates Division.

Population Trends
Total Population Number Change Percent Change
1990 13,635
1995 13,520  -115 -0.8
1997 13,645  125
2000 14,030  510 3.8
2005 14,374  344 2.4
2010 14,820  446 3.1
2015 15,302  482 3.3
Households and Income
Total Percent
Number of Households, 1990 5,262 100
Single Person Households 1,407 26.7
Family Households
Married Couple Families 2,870 54.5
Male householders 169 3.2
Female householders 747 14.2
Nonfamily Households 69 1.3
Persons Per Household, 1990 2.56
Median Family Income, 1997 $28,200
Per Capita Income, 1996 $16,723
Average Wage per Job, 1995 $16,920
Sources:  1990 Census of Population and Housing, U.S. Department of HUD, and Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce.
Educational Attainment
Persons Aged 25 Years and Older:  8,797

Source:  1990 Census of Population and Housing.

Tax Rates
Ad valorem tax rate (mills)
Alabama 3.5
Crenshaw County 21.5
City of Luverne 5.0
School 11.0
Sales tax percent (gross receipts)
Alabama 4.0
Crenshaw County 2.0
City of Luverne 1.0
Note:  Within the county there may be additional municipal taxes.
Source:  Alabama League of Municipalities, Information Bulletin, no. 13-8, October 1995.
Retail Trade

Retail Sales, 1996 (Thousands of Dollars)
Retail Total 54,679
Food 23,684
General merchandise 3,871
Apparel 621
Furniture, furnishings, etc. 1,009
Automotive 8,623
Gasoline service stations 726
Lumber and building mat's 4,157
Hardware and farm impl's 465
Eating places 5,758
Drug stores 154
All other retail 2,150
Non-retail and Unclassified 3,461
Retail Sales per Person, 1996
Crenshaw County 4,046
Alabama 8,072
Source:  Center for Business and Economic Research, The University of Alabama
Transportation Facts
Highway Mileage
State System 100
County System 735
Highways:  Twenty miles (20) to US Hwy 231; twenty-four miles (24) to I-65; forty-eight miles (48) to I-85.
Source:  Alabama Department of Transportation, 1996.
State Licensed Airports
Number 1
Largest Airport Luverne
Longest Runway (feet) 4,640 x 80
Runway Lights dusk to dawn
Commercial Air Service
Montgomery, Al          Distance:  45 miles
Major Carriers:
American Eagle
Northwest Airlink

Nearest service ten (10) miles

Source:  Alabama Department of Aeronautics, Aeronautical Chart 1997 - 1998.
Economic Structure
Labor Force Estimates, Nov., 2000
Civilian Labor Force
Wage & Salary
Goods Producing
Services producing
Unemployment Rate, Nov., 2000 est.
United States
Crenshaw County
Industry Share of Total Employment, 1995

Alabama Department of Industrial Relations
Cities and Towns
Cities Population
1990 1996
Brantley 1,015 925
Dozier 483 462
Glenwood 208 202
Luverne 2,555 2,469
Petrey 80 76
Rutledge 473 484

Sources:  1990 Census of Population and      Housing, and Alabama State Data Center, The University of Alabama.
Occupational Distribution
Employed Persons 16 Years and Over:


Percent of Total

Executive, administrative, managerial 6.8
Professional specialty 8.3
Technologists, technicians incl. health 2.4
Sales 9.5
Admin. support, including clerical 9.3
Private household occupations 1.1
Protective service occupations 0.5
Other service occupations 8.5
Farming, forestry, fisheries 8.3
Mechanics and repairers 5.7
Construction trades 3.0
Precision production occupations 2.9
Machine operators, tenders, excl. precision 14.9
Fabricators, assemblers, inspectors 4.0
Transportation occupations 7.3
Material moving equipment opersators 2.3
Handlers, equip. cleaners, helpers, laborers 5.1
Source: 1990 Census of Population and Housing
Labor Market Data
Workers Living in Crenshaw County:  5,420
Working in

Percent of Total*

Luverne city 34.1
Remainder of Crenshaw County 30.2
Montgomery city 12.5
Remainder of Montgomery County 2.0
Troy city 5.1
Remainder of Pike County 2.3
Opp city 1.7
Remainder of Covington County 3.0
Greenville city 3.0
Remainder of Butler County 0.8
*Percent does not add up to 100 because not all work destinations are listed.
Average Travel Time to Work:  24.3 minutes
Source:  1990 Census of Population and Housing
Selected Wage Rates


Assemblers expt Mach., Elect., & Precision 8.37
Automotive Mechanics 11.94
Bookkeeping, Acct., & Auditing Clerks 9.47
Cashiers 5.46
Comp. Operators, expt Peripheral Equip. 10.70
Cooks, Restaurant 5.98
Drafters 14.24
Electricians 12.76
Supervisors of Helpers and Laborers 11.46
General Office Clerks 8.25
Guards and Watch Guards 6.80
Janitors and Cleaners 5.86
Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners 5.35
Maintenance Repairers, General Utility 10.29
Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks 9.92
Purchasing Managers 18.22
Receptionists and Information Clerks 6.98
Salespersons, Retail 8.28
Secretaries, expt Legal and Medical 9.33
Truck Drivers, Light 8.31
Note:  These wage rates are the median listed with the Alabama Employment Service.  They are not to be construed as the prevailing wage.
Source:  Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, R&S Divisioin. 1996 Alabama Wage Survey.
Navigable Waterways

Luverne/Crenshaw Industrial Park

Highway 331 Luverne, Al; Crenshaw County

Comments:  Tenants include Sister Schubert's Homemade Rolls.

Site Information:
Total Acres:  125 ac. Available:  115 ac.
Largest Contiguous Tract: 86.0 ac.
Smallest Contiguous Tract: 5.0 ac.
Topography:    FLAT Fire Rating:  5
Protective Covenants? YES
Environmental Data Available? YES
Soils Data Available? YES
Zoning: Heavy Industrial
Sprinklers? NO
Sale Price: $4,000/acre
Date Quoted:     03/24/01 Negotiable?   YES
City of Luverne
Natural Gas
SE Alabama Gas District 4 inch main
Water and Sanitation
City of Luverne 10 inch main



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