ATTN: 2020 Crenshaw County Graduates...If your parent and/or legal guardian has residential or business electric utilities with the City of Luverne, you could be eligible to receive a scholarship from AMEA. See your school counselor for an application or click on the link below. Deadline is Feb. 3, 2019.

"Friendliest city in the South!"

The City of Luverne owns its own electrical utility and has one sub-station. The Electric Department serves the majority of the industrial, commercial, and residential customers of the city and also customers for the Town of Rutledge. The city strives to offer its citizens an adequate, reliable and economical supply of electric power and energy to its citizens. We are a member of the eleven city Alabama Municipal Electric Authority. 


  • Morris Tate, Chairman

  • Ed Beasley

  • Merrill Sport

Brock Flynn

 If you need to report a problem, please call (334) 335-3741 Monday-Friday from 8 am-4:30 pm; after hours and weekends call (334) 335-4485.


65 W. 6th Street

Luverne, Alabama 36049


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