The City of Luverne will be performing substation maintenance on Friday, May 24th. This will result in a city-wide power outage beginning at approximately 1 am and last approximately 2 hours. This will be the first of three outages. The second will follow in approximately one week.

The City of Luverne will be closed Monday, May 27th. Monday's household garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, May 28th and Tuesday's household garbage will be picked up on Wednesday, May 29th.

"Friendliest city in the South!"


The Street Department maintains the City streets for the citizens who live within the city limits of Luverne. The duties of the department encompass a wide variety of jobs which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Debris pickup
  • Mosquito spraying (this is done in warmer months usually beginning in May and ending in September of each year)
  • Repair sidewalks and curb gutters that are damaged
  • Repairing potholes and striping city streets
  • Sweep streets on a weekly basis
  • Laying of pipe and cleaning of roadside ditches
  • Clearing debris from storm water systems to allow the free flow of storm water
  • Repairing washouts
  • Maintain/replace stop signs, street signs, speed limit signs, and directional signs

We collect an average of 125-150 cubic yards of debris each week and we are able to carry this to the county landfill, which is operated by Crenshaw County Landfill.


The Sanitation Department strives to maintain a safe, efficient and effective waste collection and disposal system that meets the needs of the citizens of Luverne and comply with all applicable regulations and standards. 

The solid waste (garbage) routes require two packer trucks, with three employees per truck. We collect an average of 225-250 tons of waste per week and haul it to the Coffee County Landfill.

Household garbage pickup is scheduled once a week.


Steve Defee

(334) 335-5650

108 W. 6th Street
Luverne, AL 36049


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