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UPDATE 3/26/2020

Luverne now has a confirmed case of COVID-19 Virus. The City of Luverne has been and will continue to help our citizens deal with the many issues that are related to this illness.

First and foremost, we want to do everything we can do to keep our citizens safe. There have been numerous recommendations and guidelines issued by State and Federal Authorities. If you have not already done so you should make yourself familiar with those. One of the best sources of information is the Centers for Disease Control. The link to their COVID-19 site is One of the most important things we all can do is to practice social distancing. That means keeping a distance between yourself and any other person of a least 6 feet. This is not only for the purposes of protecting yourself but also for the purpose of protecting others. While your risk of catching the virus may be low and the effects of the virus on you may be minimal, you could very easily come into contact with someone that is very vulnerable to the disease and in a high-risk category. For that reason, please be considerate of others and keep your distance.

Testing for the COVID-19 Virus and for the flu is available. The testing can be done without having to get out of your vehicle. If you have the symptoms for the illness, do no go to the emergency room or your doctor's office. Rather, call and if appropriate they will schedule the testing. The testing has been set up outside the Crenshaw Community Hospital and as | have stated can be done while you are in your vehicle. If you have any questions about whether you should be tested contact your regular physician or the Crenshaw Community Hospital at 334-335-1146.

The City of Luverne will do everything possible to keep essential city functions available. City Hall will be available 8am-9am Mon-Fri for questions.  However, no one will be allowed inside the office during that time.  Any utility bills should be paid by using the drop box directly outside the City Clerk's office or website at Household trash will continue to be collected on your normal day. Business trash will be collected as normal or as conditions require.  Debris will not be collected until further notice.  Any power or water outages should be reported to 334-335-4485.  Non-emergency utility needs can be handled by calling 334-335-3741 during the hours of 8am-9am Mon-Fri.  All activities at Turner park have been canceled including the playground and walking trail. The County Lake will remain open until further notice.  The Library is closed. However, curbside pickup is available.  Please call 334-335-5326 during regular business hours for assistance. The meals provided at the senior center at the Mitchell BuĂ­lding will be available only by delivery and pickup until Friday 3/27/2020.  

Please continue to check the City website for updates and information. We must do our best to work together and take the necessary precautions to prevent a major health crisis. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

-- Mayor Ed Beasley


"Friendliest city in the South!"

The Luverne Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD) operates out of one station. LVFD has 30 volunteer fire fighters. LFVD operates two engines, one reserve engine, one tanker, one brush truck, one rescue extrication truck, one combination brush/rescue truck, two boats, and a Chief's truck.


Luverne Volunteer Fire Department is prepared to:

  • Respond to all predictable and unexpected emergencies

  • Provide protection and preservation of life, property and the environment

  • Educate the public in areas of prevention

  • Provide continuous training and education to all members to improve our services


The Luverne Volunteer Fire Department has an Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of a Class 5/5X. ISO ratings reflect the effectiveness of a fire department in a given area when determining home insurance premiums.

The ISO rating takes many factors into account. Some of the factors are quality of equipment, response time, water supply, dispatch/radio communications, and training of responding personnel.


William McManigle
Fire Chief

William A. Neal
Assistant Fire Chief

(334) 335-3345 or (334) 335-4485


217 South Forest Avenue
Lurverne, AL 36049

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 249
Luverne, AL 36049


Luverne Rescue Information

The Luverne Volunteer Fire Department does not operate an ambulance transport or perform first responder medical services. These services are provided by Luverne Rescue. The Luverne Rescue phone number is 334-335-4100. All Patient Care Reports (PCRs) requests should be directed to the Luverne Rescue Squad phone number.

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