The City of Luverne will be performing final critical maintenance on the substation on Friday, June 7th between the hours of 1 am and 3 am. This will result in a city-wide power outage. This will include the City of Luverne and the Town of Rutledge. If you are on South Alabama Electric, this outage will not affect your power. There will be no more scheduled outages for this project after June 7th. Thank you for your patience.

"Friendliest city in the South!"


As officers of the Luverne Police Department, we are dedicating ourselves to provide to the community the highest quality of service and protection to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors to the City of Luverne. We are committed to preserving the peace, order, and tranquility of this community by enforcing state and local laws fairly and impartially. We will hold ourselves to the highest standard of conduct while on duty and in our private lives. We will ensure the ethical treatment of those we serve. We will strive to educate ourselves, so that we continue to represent this community with professional service. We seek to improve the quality of life by partnering with the community we serve, to protect the lives and property of its citizens.


Michael Johnson

Phone: (334) 335-2406
Fax: (334) 335-2317

64 West 6th Street
Luverne, AL

police cruiser


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