The City of Luverne will be performing substation maintenance on Friday, May 24th. This will result in a city-wide power outage beginning at approximately 1 am and last approximately 2 hours. This will be the first of three outages. The second will follow in approximately one week.

The City of Luverne will be closed Monday, May 27th. Monday's household garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, May 28th and Tuesday's household garbage will be picked up on Wednesday, May 29th.

"Friendliest city in the South!"

mayor ed beasleyI am very fortunate to have been a citizen of Luverne for over forty years. I am now even more fortunate to be able to serve the citizens of Luverne as their Mayor. We are not the biggest city and we are not the fastest growing city, but what we have are some of the best people in the world. Our citizens are down to earth, hardworking, patriotic people and they deserve a city government that works for them.

I plan to do everything I can to make city government more responsive to the needs of its citizens and to provide the best services we can with the resources that we have. If you have any concern or problem you want to address please feel free to contact me.

I believe Luverne is "The Friendliest City in the South". I will do my best to make sure anyone visiting our city believes it also. 

-Ed Beasley


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